"How much do you charge?"

That, overwhelmingly, is the first question asked by potential clients. As a matter of fact, for many people visiting my site, this is the first link they click - even before the Client Comments!

I am usually able to offer an estimate after asking a few questions which include...

Type of Event
Date and Time
Size of Event
Venue(s) and Location(s)
Services and Equipment Required
Additional or Unusual Circumstances

My estimate is typically very close to the final price, but is subject to change based on the finer points of your event. There are times when a potential client will not know if they do or do not want a service until we discuss it. That is why we dig in a bit deeper at what I call a "first meet". It is important we meet face-to-face! Beyond the forms and contracts, it is also our chance to make sure that our personalities are compatible and we will be comfortable working together. We should both feel confident that we can accomplish the vision you hold for your event.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or for an estimate. I look forward to hearing from you!